Analysis of Executive Power openness in Albania and in the region

Openness of the executive power in Albania

This year’s executive power in the Republic of Albania received a lot of increase regarding to the one of last year, but yet remains in unsatisfactory %. In this year’s measurements the Albanian governance reached 55.59% of the set indicators, showing an improvement. Core Executive performed 74.08% of indicators fulfilled, Executive Agencies 38.63% scoring the lowest performance, while Line ministries fulfilled 54.07% of openness indicators. As the measurements show, Executive Agencies are still the most non-performing institutions in the executive power in terms of openness and interactive communication with citizens. 

1. Core Executive  

The increase by 20% compared to the previous measurement, Core Executive of the Republic of Albania has performed approximately 74.08% of the openness. Even though this result is above the average percentage of the region, it does not represent a satisfactory level on the implementation of the openness policy, compared this with the international standard in which our research is based on. Albanian government has scored 87.38% of the fulfilled indicators of awareness principle, 82.39% of accessibility indicators, 86.02% of integrity and 60.35% transparency. 

2. Line ministries

Line ministries in the Republic of Albania have scored 54.07% of set indicators on openness. Performance under four pillars of good governance for these ministries is: 57.35% accessibility’s fulfilled indicators, 51.89% transparency, 64.77% integrity indicators and 47.27% awareness performance indicators. 

3. Executive Agencies

Executive Agencies in the Republic of Albania scored 38.63% of the openness set indicators. This performance represents a serious concern, since there are still unset working structures for most of these institutions, created the previous year by the government. The performance under the four pillars of good governance for the sample of agencies measured in this research is: 44.23% completion of performance indicators, 48.54% accessibility indicators, 33.6% transparency and 26.92% integrity indicators. 

Based on the measurements conducted in the period from December 2018 until the end of March 2019.