Analysis of the Openness of the Judicial Bodies in Albania and in the region

Judiciary in Albania

Courts and prosecutions in the Republic of Albania have performed 31% of the institutional openness. It is almost the same percentage as last year, with a small difference of 1%, which shows that courts and prosecutions in the Republic of Albania still need a lot work to achieve satisfactory results and to become more transparent and accessible.  For the past years, the judiciary system of Albania has been one of the most discussed powers on the Albanian political debate, since having a judiciary reform and a vetting process is a considered as a key component for the further opening of the negotiation of Albania and European Union.  On the other hand, the vetting process has affected the pace of setting up new judicial institutions. Such new bodies of the self-governance in the judiciary (the High Council of Justice, the High Prosecutorial Council, and the Justice Appointment Council) were created in December 2018 and have started their work on January 2019, thus they are not included in the framework of this study.   


This year, the courts in the Republic of Albania have completed 49% of the indicators that measure their institutional opening, which shows an improvement of 4% comparing with last year, and being very close to the region’s average and is among the Western Balkan’s country which has performed better in the opening of these institutions. Nevertheless, beside this improvement, still there is a lot of work for these institutions to be more transparent. Through the research, it is noted that in this year, still the Mat’s Court has the lowest ranking with 10%, lowering from the last years observations as well, and same as last year, Tirana’s court has highest results completing 66% of the indicators.  Having the same results like last year, or even lowering than last year’s indicates that no action or very little action is taking over. 


Prosecutions in the Republic of Albania complete only 13,5% of the indicators of the institutional opening, result which is shown far from the regional average, even though the latter is in unsatisfactory value. In the case of Albania, all district prosecutors are listed within the official website of the General Prosecutor's Office, where the lack of detailed information on their institutional activity is very pronounced and explains the outcome of the indicators designed to measure the institutional opening of the prosecutor's office. 

Based on the measurements conducted in the period from December 2018 until the end of March 2019.